Bruce Catton

Bruce Catton


  From the American Heritage Civil War to the Civil War Trilogy “Army of the Potomac” .. the finest Civil War Books by one of the finest authors of the period..Bruce Catton.

Here is The Civil War “brought to life”.  It was once wrote about Mr.Catton ..”There is a near-magic power of imagination in Catton’s work that seemed to project him physically into the battlefields, along the dusty roads and to the campfires of another age.” Mr. Catton sees the difficulties Abraham Lincoln must face..saving a nation..while dealing with the personal losses within his family.


  “The Civil War

( American Heritage Picture History of the American Civil War )

5.0 out of 5 stars ! An essential for any Civil War enthusiast !

A fantastic picture book with great reading of the generals,battles timeline !

Bruce Catton




Bruce Catton’s Civil War: 3 Volumes in 1:”Mr Lincoln’s Army”, “Glory Road”, ” A Stillness at Appomattox” [Unabridged] [Hardcover]

Bruce Catton


“This Hallowed Ground”

Bruce Catton


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