The Civil War .. North vs. South  

April 12,1861 thru April 9,1865

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From the first predawn artillery salvos fired by Confederate General P. G.T.Beauregards’ gun crews toward the Union forces stationed on the island fort in Charleston Harbor, S.Carolina at the Battle of Ft. Sumter on April 12,1861 .. to the last desperate hours at the Battle of Appomattox Court House and the long awaited surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox on April 9, 1865.

Explore The Civil War landscape, read the fascinating and dramatic history in our Civil War Timeline.

Meet Union and Confederate  Generals and learn of their empowering victories .. and their bloody defeats during the costly and terrifying clashes between the Grand Armies of the Union and the proud, loyal and tenacious Armies of the Confederacy in our Civil War Battles

The Civil War drama begins

Abraham LincolnPhoto: President Abraham Lincoln

We offer you the finest Civil War Books written about the Civil War, a turbulent and tragic time in our young nations’ history.

Civil War Movies that will grip you, as you hear the guns..and the shouts of the officers and men as they charge courageously through a wall of hot lead, iron and flame. Advancing with honor into memory and the hallowed chapters of duty and sacrifice ..their names now spoken one thousand times, never to be forgotten.

Feel the terror of defeat, the lightheaded stupor of victory..the pride ..the shame..the loss and the passion you live the lives and learn the inner facts about the battles, the men, the women, and the hardships they endured..while struggling, fighting, trying to stay alive during our American Civil War.

Civil War Timeline,  Battles and Generals. All right here for you the reader. Let us share some facts.. and some legend. Understand and feel their passion.

Share the stories of The Civil War, and keep the meaning and purpose they fought so hard for, and died so courageously for.. in that special place you and I continue to honor and respect.

 Some of the finest authors of this War history

US and Confederate Flags

Welcome to our site.. .

developed for folks like us who have a deeper interest in the Civil War era, that period of time from ..April 12,1861- through the surrender of April 9,1865 at Appomattox Court House, Virginia.

We have tried very hard to list the finest Civil War the best authors of that period.. Shelby Foote, Bruce Catton, Michael Shaara,  Jeff Shaara, James M. McPherson, Gary Gallagher as well as Ken Burns Civil War .. the riveting and powerful, moving and educational Civil War documentary by Ken Burns.. as seen on PBS.

Hear their stories, feel the emotion, the buildup, the first shots at Ft.Sumter. Than the pride of our nation..from North and South prepare for the first inevitable clash..first blood at at Manassas,Va., also known as the First Battle of Bull Run.

There during this first major engagement, Brigadier General Thomas Jackson will earn his eternal nickname “Stonewall” .. as his regiment stands .. unmoving …fighting to hold their ground..while under Federal attack.

   Generals in the War knew each other

The Civil War

Photo: Grant and Lee

This is just one of thousands of facts available in these touching and riveting books that you will read, and hopefully share with family and friends.

A dedication, especially to the people who lived through and within The Civil War .. who are now long gone.

This time in our history forged a nation that had only taken shape less than 90 years before when we shook off the chains of England..who now waited patiently with other European nations .. watchful of our divided power structure.

Shortly those same Euro nations would protest the carnage we would create within The Civil War. We were a nation in its death throes..and its rebirth.

Our Nation would never be the same..over 620,000 deaths before wars end..and a division that continues to this day in some areas of our great country.

Browse the Civil War books..the Civil War movies on DVD..hear their stories.

We know you will find all of these books very hard to put down .. once you start reading about the people, the officers and regulars, the civilians, the victors and the defeated, the innocent victims, their once peaceful and happy lives now changed forever or simply cut short suddenly.

 Families were commonly divided by our Civil War 

The Civil War

Photo:Civil War Vets

Put yourself in their places for a moment. Issues surrounding slavery, economics, industrialization, culture, religious beliefs, states rights, political power, geographic expansion all came to a boil. Both sides believe they are right.

Ultimatums are given, political negotiations break down, armies are mustered and the first shot is fired. There is no turning back.

Army comrades from West Point who fought together in the Mexican War, all wearing the blue will now have to make choices. Especially hard is the decision a Southerner must make. Easier for a Northerner. But a man from down south whichever way he chose, would forever be a hero to the side he chose, but a traitor to the other.

Many a military “goodbye party” of best friends was filled with extreme sadness as soldiers and classmates, most battle hardened and steady put on the air of being strong and having a good time, only to be brought to tears later when having to say goodbye, often for the last time.

Most felt the war would be over quickly, but many veterans understanding the strength of personal belief and the deep chasm that lie between the North and South knew the level of aggression and bloodshed that might come to pass.

One of these most well known friendships was Union General Winfield Scott Hancock and CSA General Lewis A. Armistead. From Pennsylvania and North Carolina respectively who served together before the war, they would later face each other across the dusty and bloodsoaked “killing ground” at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Generals in the War were often friends before when all wore the blue

The Civil War

Photo:Union General Hancock

4pm July 3,1863…. “Pickett’s Charge” Gettysburg, Pa.  It was a hot and hazy Sunday afternoon, as Confederate General Robert E. Lee orders an attack on the Union center, led by the division of General George Pickett. Over 12,000 Confederates will walk than double time almost a full mile into the well prepared Federal line, right into Hancock. General Winfield Hancock will receive a wound to the inner right thigh when a bullet strikes his saddle pummel,entering along with a saddle nail and wood spinters. A wound he would feel all his life.

The Civil War

Photo:Confederate General Armistead

Lewis “Lo” Armistead would not be so lucky in surviving the battle. But his name will live forever as the Confederate Brigadier who led his brigade to the “High Water Mark of the Confederacy”, as his is the only brigade to break the Union line during that ill-fated but most valiant of Confederate charges, later to be  nicknamed “Picketts Charge”.

A charge deemed a failure before it happened. Brave Southern Americans walking into certain death with the courage and elan that epitomized the Antebellum belief in this bloody struggle. Armistead and his brave southerners will actually reach the Union artillery in the center but he will receive wounds that will induce fever and shock, dying 2 days later. Both men selflessly enquiring several times of the others condition.

  Terrifying fear and grief from Civil War creates sadness in citizens and soldiers alike 

Hancock was deeply saddened when told that his good friend and previous “comrade in arms when they both wore blue” Lew Armistead had died. ( Armistead was hit 3 times in the left arm and below his left knee. Wounds to flesh that the Union surgeon felt he could survive as they did not break bone nor major arteries.)

What would they have thought back then if they knew that their names and very deeds would be immortalized, carved in the stone of time. Stories told by firelight to children, tales of family members .. of bold charges and selfless acts of courage.

And the “National Sadness” that took over our country during these years due to losses of life that were unheard of in our history.. and completely unexpected. Most thought in the beginning this political alignment and terrible military standoff would have been over in a few weeks or months at worst.

The war would be over quickly with few casualties was the original headline

If we were to have The Civil War today, the population versus losses equates to losing approx. 1.5 million men a year. US population in 1860 at 31 million with 620,000 dying  in The War .. population in 2020 at 330 million. Do the math. Imagine losing 6 million men in 4 years.

The Civil War” All for the Union” ( 5 Star Civil War Diary)

Read the amazing journey of a Rhode Island boy Elijah Hunt Rhodes, enlisting in the Union Army in 1861 and living through 4 long years of major battles. Becoming a Colonel through promotions he will lead his soldiers to the final surrender. His letters and diary were kept and are considered to be the most fascinating and precise…

..As quoted in Ken Burns “The Civil War”.

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