Ken Burns Civil War

Let’s look at Ken Burns Civil War, and two of the finest histories of the Civil War.  Available is a fine Civil War Timeline book, however the Civil War Documentary as seen on PBS is my choice for enjoyment and learning.

Ken Burns Civil War Documentary allows us to see the living history of the War, brought to life in his informative film series.. Ken Burns Civil War now available on DVD Commemorative Set.


Relive their lives through the diaries of soldiers and civilians during The Civil War. March with them from the First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) to the bloodiest single day in The Civil War at the Battle of Antietam. From Malvern Hill when Confederate General Robert E. Lee will march his men into Federal artillery, to the three days of infamy at the historic and game changing Battle of Gettysburg.

Cheer when Vicksburg finally falls and the Mississippi is controlled by the North. Grieve with our Southern brothers and sisters when they lose their most cavalier cavalry officer in J.E.B. Stuart, when he is killed at the Battle of Yellow Tavern.

Stand in the line with the Federal soldiers as they are ordered to silence and than “present arms” salute as the surrendering and starving Confederate Army of Northern Virginia slowly files past after Confederate General Robert E. Lee formally surrenders to Union General U.S. Grant at Appomattox Court House.


A great it told the stories and shared unknown facts from diaries of folks who lived the war. Both his book and the DVD set will be great additions to your Civil War the DVD with the family..and feel the history.

“The Civil War” book by Ken Burns

Ken Burns Civil War


” Ken Burns Civil War” – Commemorative Edition DVD SET

 Ken Burns

Ken Burns Civil War