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Read classic Civil War books by Michael Shaara and Jeff Shaara. Michael Shaara and Jeff Shaara Civil War Books are becoming classics.

The 3 book set “Gods and Generals”, “The Killer Angels”, “The Last Full Measure” includes all from 1858 to the surrender in 1865.

“GodGods and Generalss and Generals” by Jeff Shaara

1858-the tensions and heated debates in Congress and the arguments over states rights and slavery has brought politicians and citizens alike to acts of violence. Border and Southern states are openly talking and taking steps to seccession, which will lead to President Lincolns inevitable choices. Raising an army, fighting the dissolution of our union, and war.

The Killer Angels“The Killer Angels” by Michael Shaara

The war between the states .. thought to be over much sooner has dragged on. Now June 1863 .. Antietam and Fredericksburg of ’62 have proved to be costly to both armies, but significant victories for the Confederacy.  Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia starts North to invade once more.. to destroy the Army of the Potomac. An unexpected clash with Federal cavalry under a skilled and tenacious commander Major General John Buford outside a small Pennsylvania town called Gettysburg .. will change Lee’s plans..as well as the outcome of the war!

Jeff Shaara..." The Last Full Measure"     “The Last Full Measure” by Jeff Shaara

Follow the armies North and South from July 1863 to April 1865 ..thru Vicksburg, Spotsylvania, Yellow Tavern, Cold Harbor.. until an exhausted Confederate Army can do no more. Feel the final efforts and anguish of battle hardened soldiers when they are ordered to “stand down” at Appomatox .. a welcome relief to most after 4 long years of bloodshed . Time to go home .. to what is left of home..and to attempt to become one Union..once again !

"The Civil War" by Michael and Jeff Shaara"..Gods and Generals, The Killer Angels, The Last Full Measure.       Shaara Civil War Trilogy..” God’s and Generals”..”The Killer Angels”..”The Last Full Measure all in one affordable box set — paperback edition ..   1861 thru 1865.. from the first shots at Ft.Sumter..to the first meeting of U.S. Grant and R.E.Lee at Appomatox..and their last meeting !

Gettysburg / Gods and Generals DVD Set ( see trailer below)

Gettysburg / Gods and Generals (Limited Collector’s Edition) [Blu-ray]