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Civil War for Kids: Civil War Books for Kids

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Civil War for Kids: History Pockets

History Pockets: The American Civil War [Paperback] by Evan Moor Educ.Publ.

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers brings you their “History Pocket” of the American Civil War for kids. Great for teachers and parents alike. Well written with a timeline, maps, step by step Civil War projects, as well as photos. Topics covered include slavery, the impact of the Civil War on civilians, major battles, a soldiers life and women in the Civil War. A helpful teachers resource teaching Civil War for kids.

Civil War for Kids + activitiesCivil War for Kids: History + activities by Janis Herbert ( 4.5 Stars)

The history of the era comes alive in this activity guide including the turmoil before the Civil War, the first shot on Ft. Sumter starting the Civil War. Read about the soldiers life in camp with lessons on making uniforms, cooking, making a medicine kit and how the soldiers prepared for battle. With timeline and resources for added learning with an index and glossary.



Fields of Fury by James M. McPhersonFields of Fury by James M. McPherson ( 5 Stars)

Follow the Pulitzer Award winning author James M. McPherson in this dynamic and colorful Civil War book written especially for young readers. The book outlines the tragic struggle and division that will take place within a nation, and also between friends and even families. Includes details about the beginning at Ft. Sumter, all the great battles from Shiloh to Gettysburg to the surrender at Appomattox. Sections with the stories kids want to hear about the Generals like Grant, Lee, Jackson and more. Nice anecdotes included as told by the regular soldiers and civilians alike. James M. McPherson compiled this Civil War book especially for kids. Interesting facts and plenty of colorful pictures.



Civil War on SundayCivil War on Sunday(Magic Treehouse #21) by Mary Pope Osborne (4.5 Stars)

Jack and Annie are back in their Magic Tree House and they go back to the time of The Civil War. Suddenly the cannon fire they hear tells them they are in a very special time and place. They will help meet Civil War era people, drummer boys and wounded soldiers alike. What they learn will change to way they feel and think about that time, and even how they think of themselves. A good Civil War book for little kids, gently told for the young reader.



The Boys' War Civil War book The Boys’ War by Jim Murphy ( 5 Stars )

The Boys’ War .. Confederate and Union soldiers talk about their lives, the war and missing home. Excerpts of diaries and letters home from boys from both sides that were 16 years or younger. Good reading for a young teenager offering first hand accounts of the life of a Civil War soldier as told by youngsters. Front cover is Civil War photo of John Clem ( “Johnny Shiloh” ) the hero drummer boy who shouldered a rifle at 10 years of age at the Battle of Shiloh. A classic Civil War for kids book.


Civil War for kids: Behind the Blue and the Gray

Behind the Blue and Gray: The Soldier’s Life in the Civil War (Young Reader’s Hist- Civil War) by Delia Ray ( 5 Stars)

Delia Ray a fine author and narrator brings the Civil War to kids ages 12+ in this well written compilation of soldiers stories from the young men who fought the war. The simple soldiers life is outlined from the usual drilling and boredom to the fears and the absolute terror they would feel approaching combat. Ray’s chapter on the problem with injuries and sickness due to the limited medical knowledge and care is precise and touching. Also covered is the problems with prisoner of war camps and their lack of humane conditions. A great Civil War book for kids in its honesty of the real issues of war. Ray also covers the Civil War units made up of new immigrants and their impact on the Civil War, as well as Native Americans and African Americans fighting in the Civil War.