Civil War Movies

Finest Civil War movies for the whole family to enjoy. Civil War stories and battle scenes for your family historian.

Civil War movies

Relive the rich and exciting history in these Civil War movies that tell true stories of the challenging and often tragic lives of soldiers and their comrades in arms.

Hear the thunder of the artillery and the shouts of the men as they go into battle, each believing his fight is just and will lead to a victory that will keep their way of life safe and whole.

Movies that you can watch over again and share with family and friends. I hope you enjoy our choices of movies and DVD’s.

A timeless history of The Civil War Documentary by Ken Burns


With no reserves available the cadets of VMI (Virginia Military Institute) are ordered to form up in battle line for attack at the Battle of New Market ( based on facts ).

Young Colonel Robert Gould Shaw leads his 54th Mass. African American Regiment from founding to attack at Battery Wagner, S.Carolina

The epic  3 day battle that turns the tide of The Civil War based on the epic novel “The Killer Angels” by Michael Shaara

The Civil Wars’ bloody opening at First Bull Run to Antietam and Chancellorsville based upon the dramatic novel by Jeff Shaara ( son of Michael above).

Double Feature “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals”

The Last Confederate: The story of  Confederate officer Robert Adams of S.Carolina and his girl from Pennsylvania..a Yankee war is declared and their love is tested.

The Classic on DVD: Gone with the Wind

The Award winning “Lincoln” outlines the terrible cost of the war on the soldiers, the divided citizens, and the loss and grief of Abraham and the Lincoln family while working tirelessly to preserve union and The Republic.

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