Hallowed Ground A Walk at Gettysburg by James McPherson




Hallowed Ground A Walk At Gettysburg by James M McPherson


Hallowed Ground A Walk at Gettysburg Walk with the celebrated Pulitzer Prize winner James M McPherson over the now gentle hills of Gettysburg, Pa.

June, 1863 and Confederate General Robert E. Lee is moving the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia north once again to bring the scars of the coming battle to the northern populace, as has been suffered in the south for years.

After the recent Union defeats at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, the now confident Lee feels his army of seasoned veterans and foot cavalry can bring the Union Army of the Potomac out in the open and defeat the Federals for good.

His victorious Rebel army will than march on Harrisburg, Pa. , Baltimore, Md. and even the capital at Washington. President Lincoln would than be forced to the peace table in defeat.

This battle is known by both sides to be a decision maker after the northern war sentiment and support has dropped markedly in recent months. The north is ready for peace. So this battle must be won by the Union or all lost.

Hallowed Ground by James M McPherson

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