Ken Burns Civil War


Ken Burns The Civil War

When it comes to discussions about the Civil War, one will note that during the conversation someone will usually mention the dramatic and educational documentary Ken Burns Civil War.

Many have seen the documentary on PBS. Remember the touching stories, listened to the sad but beautiful musical score named “Ashokan Lament” played throughout the movie and just plain learned a tremendous amount of facts about our country’s Civil War during the viewing from Ken Burns Civil War.

The work and time that Ken put into the making of this historical epic is deeply appreciated. I feel many folks who live on the fringe of interest of those historic times of conflict and division have gained a deeper fascination, interest, and respect for the people and the events.

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” I totally enjoyed and highly recommend viewing the American Civil War documentary Ken Burns Civil War and know that you will too. Share with family and friends. A great resource for parents and especially professionals teaching history and politics.”