“Mr. Lincoln’s Army” by Bruce Catton

“Mr Lincoln’s Army” by Bruce Catton


Abraham Lincoln by Bruce Catton

Abraham Lincoln has watched as the Civil War begins..and raises an army with the first 3 month soldiers. He must find the Union Generals who can shape this army..and who can also take the army and destroy the Confederate Army under Robert E. Lee as quickly as possible. Washington DC is in peril. Bruce Catton is a master Civil War storyteller and brings the Civil War Battles alive. Union Generals will come and go..and Abraham Lincoln finally finds a friend.

But the politics, the egos, and maybe even greed are holding back the Union attack..and he must find a way to motivate the Union Generals to understand his self taught military strategy for victory. Or maybe President Abraham Lincoln must do it himself or consider himself lucky, finally meeting General Ulysses S. Grant who has been winning Civil War Battles for the Union down in the Western Theater.


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