Wounded Warrior Project



Wounded Warrior Project


“The greatest casualty is being forgotten”. That is a quote from the “Wounded Warrior Project” site, a Veterans organization whose purpose is to  meet the needs of injured service members through a positive program that will both honor and empower our “Wounded Warrior” from the zone..to home.

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Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Vets

Designed around a 3 pronged strategy of Vision, Purpose, and Core Values that will ensure the injured veteran will get the best possible assistance available to assist them on the road to a normal and healthy lifestyle.

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Located in Jacksonville, Fla., this fine organization offers extensive programs and services to our returning injured soldiers, the numbers of which has seen a dramatic increase during our fight in Operation Iraqi Freedom and  now Operation Enduring Freedom.

It is is our mission to welcome these injured heroes back home and assist them and their families promptly and efficiently  to “get back to life” with regard to their injuries and the rehabilitation required.

Purpose and mission, the vet has done his part and it is our turn to do ours. Thank you soldier ..welcome home. Now let’s get you back to your life!

Thank you

 Watch the short video. Hear the soldiers personal stories.