The Beleaguered City Vicksburg by Shelby Foote

The Beleaguered City Vicksburg” by Shelby Foote



"Vicksburg" under siege by Shelby FooteThe Beleaguered City Vicksburg by Shelby Foote

Follow the gifted Civil War historian Shelby Foote as he takes you through the desperate Siege of Vicksburg..where the dug in Confederate army holds out against great odds for 40 days until finally surrendering on The Fourth of July, 1863..just one day after the great Union victory up north at Gettysburg.

The Confederate army is worn down..the people of Vicksburg are starving. The Union needs Vicksburg for final control of the Mississippi..and the stranglehold on Vicksburg is becoming too much for the good citizens of Vicksburg. Feel their struggle..and their desperation in this fine read from that Mississippi boy all Civil War historians enjoy..that sage of the south..Shelby Foote.

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