This Hallowed Ground by Bruce Catton

This Hallowed Ground by Bruce Catton


"This Hallowed Ground"  by Bruce Catton  This Hallowed Ground by Bruce Catton follows the Civil War and it’s Civil War told by the great storyteller from Michigan. Bruce takes us into the lives and decisions of the officers from the perspective of the Union side. As well as the challenges facing President Abraham Lincoln.


This Hallowed Ground by Bruce Catton takes you on a journey from the First Battle of Bull Run at Manassas,Va. of 1862 through the epic Battle of Gettysburg of early July 1863 and the Fall of Vicksburg on July 4,1863. Much of this fine Bruce Catton classic has the flare, drama, and magic we expect from such a gifted and knowledgeable writer. Many of the stories he tells are as seen from the soldiers perspective in This Hallowed Ground.

This Hallowed Ground by Bruce Catton is enjoyable Civil War history reading at its best.  Add to your Civil War library this Bruce Catton classic.

Another classic of the American Civil War from the man who not only understands the minds of the Civil War Generals, but has a relationship with the characters that few novelists can attain.

The year before Bruce Catton died in 1977,he was to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, from President Gerald R. Ford, who once stated that this prolific author and gifted historian “made us hear the sounds of battle and cherish peace.”

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