Tried by War by James M McPherson


TRIED BY WAR by James M. McPherson



Tried by War by James M McPherson


Tried by War by James M McPhersonHere the Pulitzer Prize winning author gives his indepth but easy to read study of the greatest President this nation has ever known.

The new President Lincoln is in office,and the nation goes to war. He must find men who can lead the National Army to victory or suffer defeat and watch the Union be divided while on his watch.

LIncoln is a man with many responsibilities now. He must be a husband to Mary Todd Lincoln, a father to his surviving children ( 2 of 4 die in childhood) and the President to the United States at war.

He will appoint many generals and at one point be the Commander for a few months between Commanding Generals. Lincoln has ben studying strategy books for months and often comments on what he feels are mistakes by previous commanders.

He will however feel more confidence when General U.S Grant is appointed. Lincoln and Grant have a clearer understanding of what is required to win the war and find peace again for all Americans.



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